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Physical therapy Stretching

  •   Joint pain

  •   Chronic pain syndromes

  •   Sports injuries

  •   Work-related injuries

  •   Orthopedic injuries and post-operative care

  •   Fibromyalgia

Let our therapists get to know you

Rely on Restore Physical Therapy’s hands on approach to resolve your chronic hip pain. Our physical therapist will perform a full body evaluation in order to determine the cause of your pain, and provide you with exericises designed to restore proper hip function, and resolve your pain.



Managing all of your hip pain

Schedule your same day appointment with Restore Physical Therapy to relieve your hip pain and live fully again.

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If you are experiencing hip pain due to pregnancy, please see our therapists today to help with your pain. If you experience pelvic floor dysfunction following delivery, we will also be here for you.

Have a pain-free pregnancy

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