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Treatment programs are designed to address these specific asymmetries and restore more symmetrical, efficient motion. Central to treatment is breathing re-education. Patients will often breathe shallow or more into one lung. Stressful situations often exacerbate breathing dysfunction. Poor breathing not only greatly affects body system function from a medical standpoint, but it limits proper rib cage and spine movement. Spine restrictions will limit motion in the major joints of the body (hips, knees, shoulders, and ankles) which then require motion to occur elsewhere in order for the body to accomplish a given task. Common compensations often occur at the feet, jaw, or even the eyes to make up for this lost motion. When appropriate, our therapists work closely with other practitioners such as physicians, dentists, podiatrists, and optometrists in order to improve biomechanics throughout an entire system, not just a body segment.


Each patient will be given an individualized treatment program allowing the patient to practice and learn techniques in the home. As patients improve with these techniques, they will often experience greater freedom of movement, improved performance, and decreased pain.

Our Philosophy

Restore Physical Therapy primarily utilizes the physical therapy treatment philosophy Postural Restoration. Both therapists are trained and certified by the Postural Restoration Institute in Lincoln, Nebraska. The Postural Restoration Institute has also recognized Restore Physical therapy as a Postural Restoration Certified Center. Postural Restoration focuses on the identification of learned asymmetrical movement patterns that yield faulty biomechanics and movement dysfunction. As a result, individuals may notice changes such as pain, decreased athletic performance, unnecessary fatigue, and more.

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