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Restore Physical Therapy

An effective effectiveeffective alternative

Consider choosing a unique approach when choosing your physical therapist. When you choose Restore Physical Therapy, you will be provided a revolutionary solution to your pain. We use a method called Postural Restoration to correct faulty biomechanics and movement dysfunctions. Our Physical therapists are trained by the Postural Restoration Institute, who has recognized our clinic as a Postural Restoration Certified Center.

Individualized treatment you deserve

No matter the cause of your pain, the therapists at Restore Physical Therapy take great care to diminish the pain by utilizing a treatment approach known as Postural Restoration.

Expertise for all ages

If you are experiencing knee pain, you can count on Restore Physical Therapy to comprehensively and accurately work with you to restore your mobility, and alleviate your pain.

Regain your Mobility

Using Postural Restoration techniques, we will help you understand how to restore your pelvic and respiratory neutrality through helpful exercises.